The most complete marine weather application for iPhone and iPad

eNAV-forecast provides 7 day sea condition forecasts worldwide. Whatever your activity, coastal or marine, this application will give you all the information you need: wind speed, gusts, waves and swell, cross seas, currents, water temperature- as well as standard meteorological parameters.

The only application for iPhone and iPad "All In One" that includes all the above parameters while offering an automatic marine weather bulletin available for all forecast points- worldwide.

The purchase of this application (2.69€) allows permanent access to all global forecasts at a 50km resolution. In addition, a one-week trial is authorized of all available forecasts, regardless of resolution or geographic area. In order to benefit from the one-week trial you must enter your log-in information during your first use of the application.

Getting the data is plain and simple: choose the duration (1 week, 1 month or 3 months) and the application does the rest. Access is given to ALL areas around the world.

Briefly, here is how it works:


  • Worldwide coverage at 0.5 ° (50 km), 7-day forecasts with 3-hour intervals- free.
  • 10-km coverage, 4-day forecasts with 1-hour intervals for the English Channel, Bay of Biscay and the entire Mediterranean
  • 2-km coverage, 4-day forecasts with 1-hour intervals for the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay
  • Updated 4 times every day
  • Available parameters: wind at 10m from the surface, wind gusts at 10m from the surface, waves, cross seas (wind sea and swell), surface currents (tidal currents corrected for weather), surface water temperature, precipitation, atmospheric pressure and air temperature

The application

  • Interactive map display (zooming possible)
  • Parameters displayed as time-based graphs
  • Parameters displayed as daily tables
  • Text bulletins automatically generated for all forecast points
  • · Multi-language: French, Spanish and English

The developers

eNavForecast is developed by ACTIMAR. ACTIMAR is a service company with an over 10-year dedication to operational oceanography and marine forecasts and offers marine forecasting that meets the needs of marine professionals and water users of all types. Whether in the field of offshore exploration, maritime transport or marine renewable energies, ACTIMAR provides operational forecasts facilitating the daily management of these activities. Geosystems is specialized in the management and delivery of geographic information products.